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Danica Lucianetti (Danica's Sweet Creations)


Guildford- UK


+44 7814575200

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I fell in love with cake design by chance as I have never had a sweet tooth. I've always loved cooking, but mainly savory. When I made a cake for my son's second birthday, many moms complimented me and started asking if I could make cakes for their children too. At first, I had no idea of the various products available on the market and used sugarpaste to make absolutely anything, covering, flowers, models etc. But being an extremely curious person, I started researching and soon found out new techniques to improve myself.

Modeling is what I absolutely love to do and meeting Molly Coppini was a real turning point! Molly is not only a fantastic artist who shares all her techniques and secrets with all her students, but she has become a precious friend! I also enjoy making flowers, I find it really therapeutic, but above all I like it when customers leave me free reign to express my artistic vein rather than being asked to copy a photo that was sent to me.

Given my curiosity, I love trying new techniques and facing new challenges!