Molly Like Certificata

Wendy Mayleah Stoelman (Once Upon a Cake)


Tilburg - The Netherlands


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About 8 years ago I discovered my love for cake decorating through my friends’ daughter Sarah (may God
rest her soul). With a little bit of her help and scrolling the world wide web for hours, I baked my first few
cakes. It didn’t took long before I enrolled in the PME decorating courses in Belgium and stepped into this
whole new world of endless creation.
It is here where I can let my thoughts run free, sink in imagination, and with a little bit of fantasy and creativity
almost anything is possible.. Just like magic :) I was thrilled to be able to join MollyLab over a year ago and
I’m happy to be part of the Academy this year again. I’ve been a fan of Molly’s work for many years, so you
can image that I’m over the moon and honoured to be MollyLike certified ♡
I don’t really have any preferences when it comes to occasions, but I like it when costumers give me a
free hand instead of ready-made examples.